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Number 1 - A Bibliographic File for Computer Analysis of Permian Palynological Data (1933-1969)

Number 1

GEORGE F. HART. 40 pages. 1970.

Price: $2.50

Number 2a - A Glossary of the Terminology Applied to Dinoflagellate Amphiesmae and Cysts and Acritarchs

Number 2a

GRAHAM L. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM A.S. SARJEANT, and EVAN J. KIDSON. 122 pages. Revised edition. 1978.

Price: $4.00

Number 3 - Statistics in Stratigraphic Palynology: An Annotated and Indexed Bibliography

Number 3

NORMAN O. FREDERIKSEN. 65 pages.1974.

Price: $2.50

Number 5a - Contributions of Stratigraphic Palynology (with emphasis on North America), Cenozoic Palynology

Number 5a

Edited by WILLIAM C. ELSIK. 169 pages, 18 photographic plates. 1977. PDF only

Price: $2.50

Number 7 - Dinoflagellate Provincialism with Emphasis on Campanian Peridiniaceans

Number 7

JUDI K. LENTIN and GRAHAM L. WILLIAMS. 47 pages, 2 text-figures, 1 photographic plate. 1980.

Price: $2.50

Number 8 - Systematics and Biostratigraphy of the Organic-walled Microphytoplankton

Number 8

From the Middle Devonian (Givetian) Silica Formation, Ohio, U.S.A. REED WICANDER and GORDON D. WOOD. 137 pages, 4 text-figures, 17 photographic plates. 1981.

Price: $4.00

Number 9 - The Dinoflagellate Cysts of the Gonyaulacysta Group: A Morphological and Taxonomic Restudy

Number 9

WILLIAM A.S. SARJEANT. 81 pages, 6 text-figures, 12 photographic plates. 1982.

Price: $4.00

Number 10 - A Catalog and Biostratigraphic Distribution of North American Devonian Acritarchs

Number 10

REED WICANDER. 131 pages. 1983.

Price: $118.00

Number 11 - Annotated Glossary of Fungal Palynomorphs

Number 11

W.C. ELSIK ET AL. 36 pages, numerous figures, 1 photographic plate. 1983. PDF only

Price: $3.00

Number 12 - Middle Eocene Palynomorphs

Number 12

From San Diego, California. N. O. FREDERIKSEN, D. R. CARR, G. D. LOWE and E. P. WOSIKA. 157 pages, 23 photographic plates. 1983.

Price: $5.00

Number 13 - Modern and Fossil Peridiniineae

Number 13

J. P. BUJAK and E. H. DAVIES. 212 pages, 49 text-figures, 10 tables, 12 photographic plates. 1983.

Price: $5.00

Number 14 - Atlas of Mapped Distributions of Dominance and Modern Pollen Percentages

Number 14

P.A. DELCOURT, H.R. DELCOURT, and T. WEBB III. 131 pages, 79 figures. 1984.

Price: $4.00

Number 15 - Review of Early Tertiary Sporomorph Paleoecology

Number 15

NORMAN O. FREDERIKSEN. 92 pages, 4 text-figures. 1985.

Price: $4.00

Number 16 - Late-Quaternary Vegetation and Climates of the American Southwest

Number 16

Edited by BONNIE F. JACOBS, PATRICIA L. FALL, and OWEN K. DAVIS. 190 pages. 1985.

Price: $4.00

Number 17 - Papers from the First Symposium on Neogene Dinoflagellate Cyst Biostratigraphy

Number 17

Edited by JOHN H. WRENN, SUSAN L. DUFFIELD, and JEFFREY A. STEIN. 229 pages, 38 text-figures, 63 photographic plates. 1986.

Price: $7.50

Number 18 - Analyses of Mesozoic and Cenozoic Organic-Walled Dinoflagellates, 1977-1985

Number 18

LEWIS E. STOVER and GRAHAM L. WILLIAMS. 244 pages, 83 text-figures, 3-ring notebook format. 1987.

Price: $15.00

Number 19 - A Palynological Zonation for the Cretaceous, Tertiary, and Quaternary of Northern South America

Number 19

JAN MULLER, ESTELA DE DI GIACOMO, and ANTON W. VAN ERVE. 77 pages, 5 photographic plates, 4 range charts in separate envelope. 1987.

Price: $8.00

Number 22 - Alphabetical Index of Fossil Organic Walled Dinoflagellate Species

Number 22

JUDITH K. LENTIN and GRAHAM L. WILLIAMS. 53 pages. 1989.

Price: $3.00

Number 23 - Fossil Dinoflagellates from the Jurassic, Cretaceous and Paleogene Deposits of the USSR-A re-study

Number 23

JUDITH K. LENTIN and TAMARA F. VOZZHENNIKOVA. 232 pages, 16 photographic plates. 1990.

Price: $6.00

Number 25 - Acritarchs and Fossil Prasinophytes: An Index to Genera, Species and Infraspecific Species.

Number 25


Price: $6.00

Number 27 - Miospores of the Kekiktuk Formation (Lower Carboniferous), Endicott Field Area, Alaska North Slope

Number 27

ROBERT L. RAVN. 173 pages, 11 text-figures, 29 photographic plates. 1991.

Price: $6.00

Number 30 - Pollen of the Southeastern United States: with Emphasis on Melissopalynology and Entomopalynology

Number 30

GRETCHEN D. JONES, VAUGHN M. BRYANT, JR., MEREDITH HOAG LIEUX, STANLEY D. JONES, and PETE D. LINGREN. 184 pages, 616 SEM photographs, many data tables, 8 1/2 x 11, spiral bound. 1995.

Price: $30.00

Number 31 - Dinoflagellate Cysts from Marine Jurassic Deposits of Denmark and Poland

Number 31

NIELS E. POULSEN. 227 pages, 46 photographic plates, 22 text-figures. 1996.

Price: $8.00

Number 32 - Palynology of coal zones of the Tongue River Member

Number 32

(Upper Paleocene) of the Fort Union Formation, Powder River Basin, Montana and Wyoming. DAVID T. POCKNALL and DOUGLAS J. NICHOLS. 53 pages, 7 photographic plates, 6 text figures. 1996.

Price: $10.00

Number 33 - New developments in palynomorph sampling, extraction, and analysis

Number 33

Edited by VAUGHN M. BRYANT, JR. and JOHN H. WRENN. 158 pages, 13 photographic plates. 1998. Available as pdf download only

Price: $20.00

Number 35 - Distribution of Recent Dinoflagellate cysts

Number 35

Distribution of Recent Dinoflagellate cysts in surface sediments from the North Atlantic Ocean and adjacent seas in relation to sea-surface parameters. ANDRÃ

Price: $22.00

Number 36 - Jurassic and lowermost Cretaceous Dinoflagellate cyst

Number 36

Biostratigraphy of the Russian Platform and northern Siberia, Russia. JAMES B RIDING, VALENTINA A. FEDEROVA and VERA ILYINA. 180 pages, 35 photographic plates. Hidden wire-O hardback cover. 1999.

Price: $24.00

Number 37 - A glossary of the terminology applied to dinoflagellates, acritarchs, and Prasinophytes, with emphasis on fossils

Number 37

Graham L. Williams, Robert A. Fensome, Merrell A. Miller, and William A.S. Sarjeant. 365 pages, 35 photographic plates, 800 line drawings, 3-ring notebook binder. 2000.

Price: $27.00

Number 38 - Acritarch microfloral succession from the Late Cambrian and Ordovician

Number 38

Acritarch microfloral succession from the Late Cambrian and Ordovician (Early Tremadoc) of Random Island, Eastern Newfoundland, and its comparison to coeval microfloras, particularly those of the East European Platform. M. GRACE PARSONS and MICHAEL M. ANDERSON. 123 pages, 17 photographic plates. 2000.

Price: $17.00

Number 39 - Synopsis of fossil fungal spores, mycelia, and fructifications

Number 39

Synopsis of fossil fungal spores, mycelia, and fructifications. R. M. KALGUTKAR and J. JANSONIUS. 423 pages, 36 plates of line drawings, 3-ring notebook binder. 2000. Available as pdf download only

Price: $15.00

Number 40 - Palynology of the deglaciation sequence

Number 40

Represented by the Lower Permian Rahab and Lower Gharif members, Oman. M.H. STEPHENSON and P.L. OSTERLOFF. 41 pages, 10 photographic plates, 10 oversize range charts in full color, 3-ring notebook binder. December, 2002.

Price: $18.00

Number 41 - Acritarchs and Prasinophyte phycomata: A short course

Number 41

GEOFFREY PLAYFORD. 39 pages, 20 figures, including range charts and 4 photographic plates. Saddle stapled. April, 2003.

Price: $12.00

Number 42 - The Lentin and Williams index of fossil dinoflagellates - 2004 Edition.

Number 42

GRAHAM L. WILLIAMS and ROBERT A. FENSOME. 909 pages, 3-ring notebook binder. 2004. Available as zip file download only containing pdf and doc versions.

Price: $30.00

Number 43 - An Atlas of Pollen-Vegetation-Climate Relationships for the United States and Canada.

Number 43

JOHN W. WILLIAMS, BRYAN SHUMAN, PATRICK J. BARTLEIN, JOHANNE WHITMORE, KONRAD GAJEWSKI, MICHAEL SAWADA, THOMAS MICKLEY, SARAH SHAFER, ANDRE E. VIAU, THOMPSON WEBB, III, PATRICIA ANDERSON, LINDA BAKER, CATHY WHITLOCK, and OWEN DAVIS. 293 pages, (11 text-figures, 2 in color; 264 pages of vegetational maps and pollen plots) 8 1/2 x 11 format, "Hidden Wire-O" binding. 2006.

Price: $48.00

Number 44 - Reevaluation of the holotypes of the Wodehouse pollen species from the Green River Formation

Number 44

(Eocene, Colorado And Utah). DOUGLAS J. NICHOLS. 97 pages, (11 text-figures, 2 tables, 21 plates) 8 1/2 x 11 format, hardbound. 2010.

Price: $25.00

Number 45 - Seven Decades of Indian Tertiary Spore-Pollen Floras: A Compendium

Number 45

Ramesh K. Saxena and S.K.M. Tripathi, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany, Lucknow, India. 2012. 182 pages Electronic version ONLY; (order online, link then sent to download searchable pdf file). Abstract: The main objective of this book is to synthesize information on the Indian Tertiary palynology published so far. The book can broadly be divided into three parts: Introduction, Synopses of publications and Discussion. The introductory part provides a brief introduction of the Book, historical background of Tertiary palynology in India, an overview of the Indian Tertiary sediments, systems of classification of palynofossils used in India and their merits/ demerits, and field and laboratory techniques relevant to palynological studies. This is followed by the synopses of all the publications on Indian Tertiary palynology published during the last seven decades (1941 to 2010). Altogether, there are 499 entries. Each entry is numbered and begins with its author(s) and year of publication, followed by the title, a brief synopsis and key-words. These are arranged alphabetically according to author's surnames. For ready retrieval of available information, various categories of indices, viz. Author Index, Index of Stratigraphic Units, Index of Geologic ages, Index of Geographical areas/ Sedimentary Basins and Subject Index, are provided. The indices will help the readers to synthesize the available information in more coherent way and in broader perspective. The Discussion part includes a summarized account of palynofloras and their biostratigraphic application in various regions of India and their palaeogeographical and palaeoclimatic implications. A number of tables are provided to summarize biostratigraphic zones and their characteristic palynofossils. A brief account of some selected fossil pollen genera, which are of regional and global significance, is also given, with suitable illustrations. Some of these forms elucidate diversification in angiosperms and migration of some taxa between Africa, India, South-east Asia and South America during the Tertiary Period. In this respect distribution of pollen having affinity with the families Arecaceae, Bombacaceae, Dipterocarpaceae and Ctenolophonaceae has been commented upon. An effort has been made to identify gaps in our knowledge about Indian Tertiary Palynology and suggestions have been given for future studies.

Price: $20.00

Number 46 - A Compilation and Review of the Literature on Triassic, Jurassic, and Earliest Cretaceous Dinoflagellate Cysts

Number 46

James B. Riding, British Geological Survey, Environmental Science Centre, Keyworth, Nottingham, United Kingdom. 2012. CD with printed book. 119 pages, includes searchable pdf version, spiral bound, soft cover. Shipping to US address $5; shipping to Canada address $13; shipping to other non-US address $18 (First Class parcel). Abstract: Triassic and Jurassic dinoflagellate cysts are ideal index fossils because they are typically geographically extensive, and many taxa have relatively short ranges and/or well-defined range tops/bases. Consequently they are extensively utilized in geological problem-solving in both the industrial and academic spheres. A comprehensive list of the literature on Triassic to earliest Cretaceous organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts comprises 1347 publications with every continent being represented. The most significant publications are highlighted with an asterisk and each item of literature is briefly described by the use of a string of keywords that indicate the scientific scope, the stratigraphic interval covered, and the geographic focus. These publications are dominated (45.4%) by contributions from West Europe, where the type sections are all located. The next best-studied regions are the Arctic (7.5%), Australasia (7.1%), and East Europe (5.5%). Other regions, namely Africa, Central America, North America, South America, Antarctica, China, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, and Russia, each represent less than 5% of the literature on this topic. Most publications are focused on the Late Jurassic. This is largely because of the extensive nature of Upper Jurassic marine strata and the diverse nature of Late Jurassic dinoflagellate cysts.

Price: $30.00

Number 47 - Miospore Palynology and Biostratigraphy of Mississippian Strata of the Amazonas Basin, Northern Brazil

Number 47

Geoffrey Playford and Jose Henrique G. Melo. 201 pages, 26 color plates, perfect bound, soft cover. Shipping to US address $6. shipping to non-US address $22 (Priority Flat Rate envelope). Abstract: Mississippian (Lower Carboniferous) sequences penetrated by numerous hydrocarbon-exploratory wells in the Amazonas Basin, northern Brazil, contain an abundance and diversity of plant microfossils that are readily applicable to biostratigraphic analysis, and hence to detailed correlation and age determination of the host strata. This study, presented in two successive parts, comprises a detailed systematic-descriptive survey of miospore assemblages preserved in core samples from selected boreholes that intersected and are well representative of the Mississippian portion of the Oriximina Formation and of the partly overlying, partly laterally equivalent Faro Formation. In the current Part One, representatives of trilete miospore taxa featuring relatively simple morphology (i.e., with acavate/azonate exines, variously sculptured) are described and illustrated. Part Two completes the systematic analysis of the miospores and details their stratigraphic significance, re-assessing and augmenting a palynozonal scheme established previously (in 2003).

Price: $30.00

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